J.B. Banks and Son Ltd, at 13-14 Market Place in Cockermouth is an extraordinary shop firmly rooted as a traditional Ironmonger and hardware shop.

For almost 200 years, J.B. Banks and Son Ltd has been selling just about everything you could need for your home, smallholding, garden or workshop. These include; locks, workshop, countryside management tools, ironmongery and fixings. Plus kitchenware, household items, garden essentials, pest control, janitorial equipment and various other household essentials.

We buy in quality second-hand tools, such as chisels, gouges, spades, axes, planes, draw knives, etc, for resale.

We also offer the following services:

  • Hand tools sharpened & reshafted
  • Garden tools sharpened & reshafted
  • Scissors & knives sharpened
  • Expert advice & more


Museum & Exhibition

Downstairs you can find a large collection of locks from Tudor to present day. While some say there is a passage to Cockermouth Castle inside the well, we have yet to explore it, so it may be true. Car memorabilia, comfy seats and photographs downstairs are displayed for those who don’t want to climb the stairs.
Upstairs is the original tin smithy & plumbers workshop, this contains hand tools, anvils, vices and hand machinery. We have recently discovered it was in use in 1829, several years before the shop opened. Our office is also upstairs with desks, pre QWERTY typewriter and various paperwork and pre-war items.

Plus lots more on the heritage & history of the shop, Market Place and Cockermouth.